Alpha Chi Sigma

Delta Chapter - University of Missouri, Columbia


We encourage any Mizzou student with a passion for chemistry to consider joining Alpha Chi Sigma! Our pledge process occurs every semester, so we have many opportunities to get involved. If you're interested, you should contact our Vice Master Alchemist, Melissa, at

As a professional fraternity, we understand that academics come first and we encourage our members to study hard. We're willing to work with you if you're having a busy semester, so don't let that discourage you from joining!

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Pledge Schedule

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Membership Requirements

  1. Must be in the second course of a chemically related degree program (Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pre-med, etc.).
  2. Attend pledge meetings and events leading up to initiation.
  3. Take a test of fraternal knowledge and pass with at least 70%.
  4. Attainment of a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.
  5. Pay one lifetime membership processing fee of $185.
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The Obligations of a Member of the Fraternity

  1. That a member will remember the objects of the fraternity and endeavor always to further them.
  2. That a member will pay promptly all financial obligations.
  3. That a member will act so as never to be a reproach to Alpha Chi Sigma.
  4. That a member will cheerfully fulfill any assigned fraternal task.
  5. That a member will maintain as satisfactory a scholastic record as possible.
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